Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Starved for attention?

In the photo above you will notice the deep color of the test plots that were fertilized a couple of days before hand.  The test plots were fertilized by Mark Grundman of the Jacklin Seed Company.  The test plots were set up to evaluate the experimental varieties of "Round-up" ready ryegrass they are trying to bring to market.  The advantages of round up ready varieties would be the elimination of weeds most notably Poa annua from fairway turfs using a common inexpensive mass produced glyphosate herbicide.

Due to extensive winter kill in the upper plot, ryegrass does not fair all that well in northern climates, I'm waiting for "round-up" ready Kentucky Bluegrass varieties before recommending a fairway conversion program to you. 

The photo does show how starved for nitrogen our fairway turf has alarmingly become. _Mk