Friday, June 28, 2013

Darwins Law?

On Wednesday the 26th of June, the Wisconsin DNR and the City of Wisconsin Rapids ventured on the golf course to "trap" local resident geese and relocate them to another area.  It was interesting to watch 8 - 10 men circle the geese and slowly close the circle to herd them into a tight pack.  The geese were then "waddled" to trucks and trailers where they were caged and carted off property.  In total 15 of twenty geese were removed from the areas along the Wisconsin River.  In my mind they are welcome back anytime as the geese population has soared in the past decade.  And I have one my story for you and it goes like this.

Darwin's law and the natural order of selectivity tells us the weakest of the species die first.  With that said, I have a nominee:

Look closely and you will see the head and eyes of a goose nesting.  And here is were she decided to nest.

That's right, on the roof of the pump house.  The last I knew, baby geese can't fly!  Their first steps are going to be big one's! The goose abandoned her nest about a week after I took this photo.  _Mk

PSA - Public Service Announcement

Just wanted to alert everyone to a Wood Tick hazard.  It seems the little buggers like to hide out on ball-washer towels.  So check the towel before drying your ball.

And as you know it has been a banner year for Mosquitoes and ticks.  As a yearly reminder, please apply repellents to your person on cart paths away from sensitive turf areas or better yet in the locker room before heading out onto the course. In the picture below you can make out two foot prints.

Also as a safety reminder please respect the deadly power of Thunder Storms!  This white pine was shattered by a bolt of lightning on the 27th of June while many players remained on the course  Some where easily within 200 yards of the strike.  Thank God this wasn't a tragedy! Trees can be replaced, lives cannot.

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Blog is Ranked in the "Top Ten!" Is there a future?

My Bull's Eye Greens Blog is ranked in the top ten ten million blogs based on statistics I stumbled across and has a value just over $1,200!  Wow.  Do you want to buy it? 

With that said you may have noticed fewer posts on course conditions or projects.  Since the green section was acquired by Oliphant Golf, I'm no longer the immediate spokes person for the golf course and its condition.  While there has been no "gag order" placed on me, I no longer feel comfortable commenting on your course as I have enjoyed doing since the birth of my blog.  I've always thought long and hard about club "politics"  before posting but now I fear I could anger one or both parties through a simple post.  As you know, "words are written in stone" once you press the publish button.  We'll see.  _Mk

Thanks Maestro

I want to give a praise of thanks to "The Maestro" Peter McCormick for fixing a problem with my blog.  For some reason the titles of the right hand column vanished after I tried to make some updates.  Thanks a million Peter!

Mark Kienert, CGCS

Another Bumper Crop!

Poa, can't live with it, can't live without it!  It appears that we have a bumper crop of it this year in a direct response to last years environmental stress.

What got me thinking about this blog post was seeing Poa seed perched nicely in a bare area of winter killed putting green turf.

One amazing fact about Poa is that the seed is primed to germinate immediately.  Normally grass seed has to go through a cycle, one of cold or fire, to be primed ready for germination.

The picture above shows little evidence of seed stalks in the area were the greens mower turns.  Is it possible the mower wheels have already tracked the Poa seed onto the green?  As if we need more.

Motha's Cousin?

Remember that mythical creature in the campy "Godzilla" movies?  Well a cousin of his/her showed up on our shop a few weeks back.

Not sure of the species, but it did generate a comment or two from the crew as it was drying its wings after emerging from its over wintering cocoon.  _Mk