Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Busy work.  Every Golf Course Superintendent having a "thin" budget knows exactly the value of busy work.  Creatively coming up with simple projects that improve the golf course without greatly impacting the budgets bottom line.  Glamorous work?  Hardly.  So when the grass mowing finally slows down we can now find the time to set out and complete the small items on our endless "to do" list.  Here  is just a small example of the jobs that are currently keeping us productive.

We grind the stumps from all the trees we removed last fall.

Sprinkler heads are edged to make it easier to find and read yardage plates.

Mulch made from our tree felling is spread out over exposed tree roots.

 Or to make landscape beds like this one.

Trees are limbed up to make it easier for you to find your errant shots and for us to mow.

And we make more mulch. 

Cart paths are graded smooth.

Some "tired" cart paths are simply rebuilt.  This is before,

And the after.  The path is just about complete already looking better.
There is a down side to busy work too.  Some times I'm asked why we are doing "this and not that" when "that" appears to be a priority.  Simple explanation?  You guessed it, money.  Maybe tomorrow, but for today I'll be dreaming up still more ways to improve your golf course without impacting the budgets bottom line.  Enjoy.  _Mk

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Local tennis legend John Powless finds training sanctuary at UW-Madison turf center : Wsj

I thought you might find this link interesting.  It tells of local legend John Powless use of turf grass research plots for practice to maintain his "world class" standing as a tennis player.  It has been through your donations to fund research at UW-Madison that helped create playing surfaces for all types of recreation.  You should also be made aware that Mr. Powless writes a rather large check annually to the Wisconsin Turfgrass Association in gratitude for allowing him to practice on those plots. 

If you are ever in Madison and would like a tour of the research center call me and I will set something up for you.  Please follow the link below.  ( would not let me simply embed the article for you to read here.)  Mk

Local tennis legend John Powless finds training sanctuary at UW-Madison turf center : Wsj