Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greens Aerification complete. Yes!

This past Monday and Tuesday greens were aerified. 

The cores were pulled and topdressing was broomed into the greens to refill the holes.

The weather was perfect except for a minor rain shower that passed around 11 AM.  The .03" of an inch made holes #11 & #12 look like a wet beach, but dried after a couple of hours allowing us to complete the project on that day. 

As of this writing, we have not seen evidence of the problems associated with the use of the ProCore Aerifier. 

That's good news as we need the production speed that machine offers.  To give you an example, it took me one hour and ten minutes to aerify #16 with our older Ryan GA24.  The ProCore completed holes #10, #11 and was three quarters of the way through #12 by the time I finished sixteen.  That includes the time it took to walk the machine between holes.  For the record; that is 16,622 sq. ft. to 5747 sq. ft.!  Almost three times the production.

I think it was the best effort to date of backfilling the holes with very few holes unfilled on all 20 greens aerified.  A deep and heavy irrigation cycle Tuesday night made for the least sand pick up in mower buckets that I can remember.  That is a good thing because the quicker we can get over mower sand pick up the faster our greens speeds will return.

Aerification is one of many cultural means  needed to ward off summers stress. Thank goodness it's done.  _Mk