Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Iceman Cometh

I found myself forced to water putting surfaces with frost and freeze warnings in effect for most of the state.  Living in cranberry country, I had mental pictures of ice covered fruit and vine.  However daunting, I was hoping I might out smart mother natures cold by making multiple irrigation cycles through out the night starting my application hours before the thermometer fell below freezing.  I would be using relatively warm 38 degree river water.  Besides our soil temperatures were already approaching fifty degrees, how much ice would we make?

I found out first thing Wednesday morning.  It was a man made ice storm!  I had more ice than what the skaters found at skating rinks around the city this past winter!

Now that's "firm and fast!"  Stimp speeds off the chart!  Notice the uniform coverage.

People, it's just frozen dew?

For scale, that's a 1/2" flag stick inside!

There's a small flowering crab in there. (Some where?)

Chili pepper like icicles!

Now that's cold!

As we are in "low country" I've come to automatically subtract four degrees from the weatherman's predicted overnight temperature lows so it came as no surprise to me that our irrigation cycle would create the pictures you see above.  Once the air warmed up and the ice turned back into its liquid phase, we were good to go AND I managed to re-wet our badly parched greens. _Mk