Thursday, April 26, 2012

Golf Course Happenings the week of April 23rd 2012

You may have noticed we have started interseeding fairway area's that died as a result of water ponding and refreezing this past snow melt.  This is to get some seed into place with hopes it can germinate and out compete the Poa.  Soil temperatures have fallen slightly but the calendar says May 1st is right around the corner.

We've also double spiked our greens to promote rooting development in the spiker slits.

With the early spring and a difficult time predicting when pre-emergant products should be placed out in the field, I think we sprayed our Poa seedhead suppression chemicals just in the nick of time.  Scott Gilbertson of Reinders and I could not detect Poa seedheads in the boot stage one Friday but I noticed them early one Sunday morning on our fourteenth green and broke out the sprayer the following day.

Aerification Alert:  We will be aerifying Bull's Eyes fairways in the weeks to come. (Our when the loaner aerifier shows up the property.  So be advised.  _Mk