Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Significant Shrinkage!

We've all seen the costs of everything we purchase today going through the roof due to raising fuel costs.  We've seen the products in the grocery store we commonly buy shrink but the prices we pay remain the same.  We are all getting less for the buck and it's happening to your dues dollar as well.

I took delivery of a few bags of greens grade fertilizer the other day and to be quite honest with you I was afraid to look at the price because of how tightly fertilizer prices are tied to fossil fuel prices.  But to be gouged multiple times with one product is hard to swallow.  First is the up front purchase price.  I hate to date myself, but I remember buying bags of fertilizer for as little as $6.00 per bag.  Today, this same bag will cost better than $50!  This is known.  The second and third price increase are those that are hidden.

I remember when fertilizer formulations were sold to me in a range of 24 -28% Nitrogen for greens grade fertilizers. (32-36% N for fairway grades.)  To provide the same rate of Nitrogen to your putting greens I would need TWO bags of the product shown above to every single bag of 28% product that is no longer being produced.  While I'm no math giant, I know two are never cheaper than one.

The third price increase comes as product downsizing.

Fertilizer used to be sold in 50 pound bags.  Today, while easier to handle with these arthritic wrists, it is sold to us in 40 pound bags.  That's a decrease in size of 20%.  An area I used to cover with four bags now requires the purchase of five bags to do the same.

While my fertilizer example demonstrates first hand how you are getting less for your dues dollar it's not the only thing that has me peeved!

That's right, toilet paper.  Fewer sheets, thinner ply's and narrower rolls!

It's a sad day in America when you have to "invent" a toilet paper dowel to keep the roll from falling to the floor.  What should I do with all the patent royalties?  _Mk