Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bull's Eye Branding.

Last spring I replaced your badly soiled practice putting green marking flags with a style that has been around since the sixties?  Decals that I had in inventory and trust me I forget what they were purchased for originally (Cart fleet?) found a new home decorating the new markers.  Waste not want not.

Practice Green Marker.

Director of Golf, Mike Terch asked me where the logo came from and its origins.  I cannot pin point the exact date its creation, but know that it was before Dave Andrews time.  (Gib Kizer, Bob Ness?)  I do know the logo without the crown was refined and marketed to you on sweaters, jackets etc., by Tim Marks sometime after his arrival in 1989.

This retro logo appeared on the clubs letter head and greeted members arriving at the club by way of the entrance sign. 

The Old Entrance Way Sign.

I know I used it in 1986 on "modern" custom made tee blocks made in a special trial to see if there was interest in having all eighteen holes out fitted with them.  (One was stolen and I felt too costly to replace constantly if they were going to be the target of thieves that decided to forgo the project all together.

The white tee block on #4 was stolen days after its debut!
Here is a picture of the logo decal being used to "tag" your cart fleet.

The Superintendents cart wears the brand too!

I personally like the fresh look of the "throwback" logo.  With that said, I have my eyes on some new shirts and windbreakers with the "old" new look.  My advice, get them before they are gone!