Friday, April 15, 2011

Ready Golf?

"Ready" when used as an adjective is defined as "prepared for use or action."
Well ready or not, Tri-City Golf Course opened for the season (Walkers Only!) on Saturday April 9th with partial snow covering the first fairway.

This "Glacier" was over 6" thick!
 "If you can cup it, you can play it!"
Bull's Eye front nine opened on Tuesday April 12th and the back nine was declared open for play on the 14th.  Both courses "wintered" very well but did experience typical winter kill die back in low pockets and heavily shaded areas. 

Standard fare for #11 Fairway

Typical of the 2nd green.  Hurry up Poa!  We'll interseed but my money is on the Poa!
Thankfully, we in Wisconsin Rapids were very fortunate to have been spared by all the tornado activity that hammered much of central Wisconsin on Sunday April 10th.  For once I was glad to see the storms intensity split to the north and south sparing us of related storm damage from the likes of hail or downed trees.  Thanks be to God!

Enjoy!  _Mk