Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Winter injury Update-Putting Surfaces

Putting surfaces of greens injured this past winter were "interseeded" on Monday May 2nd; a date that seems particularly late by my calendar.  This was created by the persistent winter weather pattern we have been locked into.  (La Nina.)

Small tined aerifiers set a close spacings and a shallow depth were used to create a warm moist chamber for the seedlings to grow.

Recovery has been slowed greatly by the cold soil temperatures consistently in the low to mid 40's.  Some area looked poised for full recovery soon faded as energy reserves found above the severed crown were used up.  Once these area's were identified our interseeding plans were put into action.

Hopefully things will "pop" with warmer temperatures and warm rains.  Not the cold icy stuff we received most of April.  Greens heights of cut will remain slightly higher to give the new growth a chance to establish.
Also, the closer we get to summer, the less invasive we will be in our interseeding as we move to spikers to create our seed bed slits.

A former greens chairman reminded me that most Bentgrass doesn't really grow until June, I'd like to see a lot of recovery long before then.