Friday, April 15, 2011

Twice in six months!

This is my 26th season serving you as your golf course superintendent.  In those years I have never once seen the water over the river banks due to flooding but now witnessed this feat twice in just the past six months.

Too close for comfort!

The rivers edge is within feet of the foundation.
This springs snow melt and subsequent run off is now being classified as the 4th highest flood water level of 63,900 CFM on record directly on the heels of last Septembers record 100 year flood water level of 78,850 CFM. 
Mike Zurfluh's dock is missing and so is his house.
The old par 3 river hole.

The "old river hole" today.
I've now seen water in areas I've never seen it before.  Maybe this is the reason previous generations of members abandoned the old par three down by the river. _Mk