Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tri-City Golf Course is open!

Tri-City golf course opened for the season at noon on Wednesday March 14th on a 75 degree day of record warmth.  This was not the earliest opening as I remember opening the course on March 4th, 2002!  (This was reconfirmed by Brian Matthews as he remembered sitting at home unable to play just days after his pace maker was installed.)

We are pushing to open Bull's Eye on Friday March 16th, front nine only, walkers only at noon.  There are only three of us on the staff to do the multitude of jobs necessary to open any earlier.  Besides, we find several greens, especially #1 too wet, too soft to support play or the equipment needed to clear putting surfaces.  (Several greens at Tri-City were too wet for opening in my opinion but the need to get the cash register ringing trumps agronomic considerations in this day and age.)

Some after thoughts:

I'm generally pleased with the condition of the golf course turf coming out of Winter, if you could call it winter this year.  (Fourth warmest and third driest on record!)  Of course I thought the same last year before the true toll was realized.  Experience has taught me that we will find dead spots in low lying fairways where melting snows ponded mid January and refroze.  Sod plug samples from couple of suspect greens were brought in our make shift green house to evaluate their viability.  But by and large we look a lot better this year than last.

Golf carts will be made available at Tri-City as soon as tomorrow and slowly over the next several days as we scramble to make up for time off (furlough) this past winter.

We have asked the staff to report to work Monday March 19th.  They weren't budgeted to report until the 1st of April.  The course should be dry enough to use blowers, sweepers for some serious course cleanup.  I too was pleased on the cleanliness of the course this spring and that is said after we experienced some heavy wet snow, freezing rains and high winds.  (Knock on wood.)  Break out the Ben-Gay!  Speaking of Ben-Gay, the driving range is open from the South end (Shop end.)

Enjoy your day!  _Mk