Thursday, September 29, 2011

Of Tree's and Turf.

We all know tree's are tremendous "pumps" when it comes to pulling water from the soil and away from the desired turfgrass we're trying to as seen from the photo example below.  Tree roots have been shown to graft with companion trees to branch out far and wide to satisfy their thirst for a drink.  I'd be thirsty too if I had to haul several gallons of water up eighty feet.  That's equivalent to the height of an eight story building!  My back hurts just writing that.
However a tree the size of this one, died and was removed this spring creating a whole new issue for us that was never a problem before when this tree stood alive.

Now, after removal, we have a pot hole full of standing water!  You can just make out the darker shade of green turf, the backfilled stump hole, just above the pocket of standing water.

Tree's and Turf! Damned if you remove them, damned if you don't!  _Mk