Thursday, September 8, 2011

"A Member Said" "There's a new water hazard on the course."

I've always gotten a kick out this when I'm told "a member said" because when translated usually means "complaint to follow."

The white flag is blocked by the water spray.
However in this case "a member" told me that the pond fountain moved and the height of the water spray from the fountain made things difficult when playing from the forward tee to see the pin location on the green.  As my diabolical mind processed this I could see how much fun it would be to turn the fountain on and off to interfere with each passing golf shot.  How much fun it would be for this "water cannon" to knock shots askew.  That is until "An-other member"  not related informed me that the pump house where the electrical controls were located only had one escape route!  (Darn dream kill'n member, anyway.)

Well I discovered as expected the pump motor tether cable broke allowing the pump to drift to the west.  For the time being the pond fountain been shut off to prevent "green blockage" syndrome.

I would like to thank "a member or two" (Jackie M & Peg H.) for bringing this to my attention. (because members have names.)  _Mk