Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall is falling; Part two.

This is a photo essay of what we do each and every fall in keeping your golf course playable.  Leaf removal is the second most machine and labor intensive activity we perform each season, second only to fairway aerification clean-up.  Typically our leaf removal tasks begins on or near the 10th of October.  This year is was a week earlier.  Once the leaves start falling it takes approximately 5-6 weeks before it doesn't pay to continue.  We'll get those leaves next spring when we get back out onto your course.
Your course  is easily the "messiest" course I've ever worked on!
Bunkers require extensive hand work when removing leaves.
Tractor blowers are used to move leaves unto rough or back into the woods.
Smaller blowers are used to clean both green and tee surfaces.
Some blowers allow greater flexibility than others.
We've been raking and sweeping leaves with this sweeper for 25 years and it is still the best sweeper we own.
This sweeper offers large capacity but isn't easily maneuvered in the woods.

Off with another load.  What do we do with all the leaves?

They are hauled to an area where they are composted.
Sometime the dust is my first clue where to find the guys!

Since the ban on open air burning, leaves are mulched and left in place.
Larger areas are mulched with this bad boy.
An operators view of just one row of leaves to be mulched.

This is done for you the golfer in order that you can enjoy the beautiful fall colors and play the game you love without losing too many golf balls in the process.