Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Down and Out

My nearly ten year old Gateway PC finally gave up the ghost.  This is the reason you haven't seen a fresh post from me for a while.

This old girl served to store pictures, budgets, weather data from our weather station among other things I've taken for granted.  She served as my weather radar and speaking of weather, she'd been struck by lightning and survived (can't say the serial port did though.)  I've replaced the Hard drive once and this time around that option wasn't practical.  Loosing that first hard drive taught me a valuable lesson to always back up your data.  Until then I had always had good luck in recovering data from failed drives.  When I lost five years of data, photo's I likened it to losing a good friend to death I was never going to see again.

Now the difficult task of finding and restoring files to my new PC has begun.  When that is complete, I will be up and blogging once again with course updates.

Happy Turkey Day everyone.