Friday, October 8, 2010


Some funky mushroom like looking “gourds” popped up on the clubhouse lawn after the recent floodwaters receded.


Actually the pumpkins came from the Giant Pumpkin Festival in Nekoosa courtesy of Bull’s Eyes Equipment Manager Tim Johnson. Tim with the help of his wife and others were founding members of the festival that draws contestants from all over the state.

Tim planted and grew four individual plants here at the country club. He moved “the great pumpkin patch” here after a soil born disease pathogen decimated his plantings last year. From those four plants he selected eight pumpkins to display at this years event with the largest weighing in at 631 pounds with a circumference of 135 inches. He estimates that the vines produced nearly 5000 pounds of pumpkins or 2.5 tons. That’s a lot of pie.

Artists carve ghoulish faces into the pumpkins that are entered into contests and judged. Never did hear if one of those displayed won any ribbons or not.

Hope you enjoyed our little display while they last.