Monday, May 3, 2010

Maintenance Alerts for the week of May 3rd, 2010

The greens section will be adding sand to bunkers most in need. As you know, most bunkers on the course have been contaminated over time and require extensive renovation to return them to tournament standards. We are making every attempt with limited funds to bury as many of the ulcers with as much as 2” of new sand. Freshly placed sand will be soft resulting in “fried egg lies” until they mature by rains or irrigation watering cycles. Our work should be considered nothing more than a bandage but will buy some time until they can be rebuilt properly.

Second application of Chemicals to limit the appearance of the Poa seedhead on putting green surfaces will be made this week or early next plus a chemical application to limit the severity of Take all Patch and Anthracnose will be made. These are diseases that express symptoms in the summer months when the plants are under heat and moisture stress. The pathogen is actually active right now attacking plant roots setting the plant up to fall flat on its face the first time summer stress arrives. It is too late to treat in the summer months as the horse is already out of the barn. Herbicides inventories will be used up to combat weed encroachment on bunker faces.