Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wondering Out Loud

Greens were double verticut earlier this week. Chemicals were applied to negate the effect of the seeding Poa plant and a second spray was made to offset the “Take all Patch” fungus now that soil temperatures have reached the low 50’s. Sprays made one month earlier than last years spray. Topdressing will be applied tomorrow and the mechanic will be complaining as he’s sharpening greens mower reels for the second time this season and it hasn’t even reached the month of May.
I continue to wonder what effect the weather will have on us this season. One year ago I hadn’t even filled the system but have already watered 9 times due to the high winds and cold over night lows have made for bone dry conditions at a time that most turfgrass managers are trying to promote root depth. It was reported on the news that Dandelions began blooming in March a full month ahead of normal.  No one alive can recall a March without snowfall.

I’m too wondering at what point in time the course will pay for an early start to the golf season. I’ve already seen the signs of thinning turf caused by compacted soils, evidence of cart traffic. Tee boxes like #15 that haven’t had a chance to heal from last fall’s late season play are now receiving a double dose of wear and tear this spring.

I wonder what effect the cold frosty mornings have had on the flowering trees. Trees that normally bloom on Mothers Day weekend are looking to be in full flower before the weekend.
I was wondering just how long I could make this list……….