Friday, May 7, 2010

Fairway Aerification Alert!

Fairway Aerification Notification:

The fairway aerifier is scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday May 12th. Delivery time and weather is uncertain as of today so I cannot predict when we’ll start the process. As this machine is not ours and is shared with other courses in Wisconsin and Illinois our time using it is very limited. The upside is we get to use on of the best aerifiers on the market. With that said the downside is we have to “use it” when it is here in our hands.

It typically takes about thirty six hours to complete both aerification and clean up. We will limit the amount of work completed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of that week, but anticipate a massive assault starting Monday May 17th. Aerification is highly weather dependant and will not be initiated if there is rain on the horizon. (Clean up turns the cores to mud.) I once had a member why we only aerify on “nice” days? Flabbergasted my only reply was a question, “would you paint a house in the rain?”

We’ll make it as quick and complete as possible weather permitting. Please plan your play accordingly and take advantage of reciprocal courses. Holes will be taken out of play where the aerification machines are working but I would ask that you keep power carts off aerification cores.

Why do we aerify? Primarily for two reasons both compaction relief and thatch removal. The list of primary benefits is well over a dozen long and much more technical in nature than what you care to read in this blog.