Monday, May 5, 2014

From "Useless to Useful."

Our long winter allowed Equipment Manager Tim Johnson time to fabricate a small mower transport trailer.  Tim salvaged axles and wheels from this long under utilized over priced trailer pictured below.

To a trailer that will actually be used for work on the course hauling equipment like this hand greens mower.

It took Tim a couple of days to cut and construct his trailer between other maintenance jobs.  Metal costs were less than $300.  (Far cheaper than the five figures the club paid for the original!)  We estimate this trailer, if properly cared for, has a useful life of forty plus years.  The original trailer had to be wedged from the tennis courts as it had fused itself to the court surface.  The birds that had taken up nesting weren't pleased to lose their home, but I was pleased to gain a trailer.  Great job and thanks Tim!