Thursday, February 20, 2014

You think you're Die Hard?

How much snow have we had this winter?  Only the head of the driver can be seen sticking out of the snow of our golfing frog sculpture.

 The frog is buried deep under the avalanche.      
24" of powder had built up over winter.  There wasn't enough warm days to melt the roof clear.

We had to climb a 3 foot wall of snow and shovel snow away from the door to get into the shop.

The 16 -18 inches of snow pack on top of our shop roof avalanche-ed off this morning burying our sculpture under three feet of snow!   Thankfully this was before any of the predicted heavy wet snow's forecast for arrival later today could further stress the weight bearing capacity of our roof.  There was a definite concern of collapse.  C'mon Spring!  _Mk