Thursday, April 10, 2014

Preseason Training

We took advantage of the cold weather earlier this week to address one of many shade issues found on the course.  The cold weather kept the soil dry and firm allowing us to drop 10 trees by 14 green and fifteen tee.

We have photographed, studied and planned for the removal of trees whose shadows weaken golf turf while striving to maintain the integrity of the fact we are a course cut from a forest.  To borrow a quote from our Patriots, "A Surgical Strike" was the order of the day.

We determined if we removed the large towering white pines adjacent to fifteen tee we would increase sun light penetration on fourteen green by two hours each day!

In the photo above we've already removed 4 of the eight trees on site without hitting the "Old Shop."

While I have many digital files of tree shade issues taken on the solstices (Spring, Summer and Fall) and at times like sunrise, mid morning, high noon, mid afternoon, the best photos obtained came from and application I carry on my Ipad called Sun Seeker.  This application allows me to get a feel for sun/shade angles on any day or any time for a particular day of my choosing.

Here the path of the sun is plotted.

The sun arch on Spring/Fall solstice
After the trees have been removed.

With the trees removed, the sun will hit the green a little after 8:30 Am.

The new view from the tee.

For those of you that "fade" the ball you will notice you have more room to the left to negotiate the shot on the left now.
We will be using this tool on other greens with know sun light problems. _Mk