Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Big Green "X" = Timber!

Felling the largest Oak west of #17 cart path.  This video is lengthy so once the tree is on the ground you can stop play.  (We are just learning how to play with video's on our smart phones. Very cool don't you think?) We used a cable to "pull" the tree between a living oak.  Unfortunately, the Oak Wilt fungus is present in this area and will continue to move unabated.  We removed five large Oaks in 2012 and six more were cut down this year and anticipate many more in the next few years. Our efforts to keep high value specimens alive through fungicidal injections and root pruning barriers never resulted in saving trees.

Felling dead Oaks North of #18 fairway.  A tree consultant commented to me that you have to remove every oak in every direction from the base of the dead tree as it is tall to stop the spread of the disease.  In other words if the dead oak is 80 feet tall every Oak in side that radius is doomed and needs to come down to stop the disease from spreading 
It's too bad as these trees were hundreds of years old and present at the time my ancestors set foot on some rock in Plymouth MA in the Seventeen Hundreds.