Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Waiting for the leaves to fall.

An opportunity to add sprinkler heads to a pair of tee's at the Tri City was the order of the day.  Sprinkler heads were salvaged from a course undergoing renovation and the pipe and fittings were in inventory.

The back half of this tee was always dry and especially noticeable during this years drought.  The weather men in Wausau mentioned they had 2.4 inches of rain last month and give or take 1.2" below normal.  At Bull's Eye some 45 miles to the south as the crow flies received a paltry 1.5" of precipitation for the month.

And as long as we had the rented trencher in our hands we took this opportunity to do some badly needed "root pruning."  Surface feeder roots of trees began invading tee box surfaces robbing the turf of moisture and nutrient.  Similar work is badly needed along fairways and is the principle reason a root pruning machine remains on my top ten "needs" list.

Severed roots.  Trees and turf make uncomfortable bedfellows.

Notice how dry the soil is.

After the trench has been backfilled and seeded.  There will be some settling of the soil that will be addressed sometime down the road.