Friday, June 28, 2013

PSA - Public Service Announcement

Just wanted to alert everyone to a Wood Tick hazard.  It seems the little buggers like to hide out on ball-washer towels.  So check the towel before drying your ball.

And as you know it has been a banner year for Mosquitoes and ticks.  As a yearly reminder, please apply repellents to your person on cart paths away from sensitive turf areas or better yet in the locker room before heading out onto the course. In the picture below you can make out two foot prints.

Also as a safety reminder please respect the deadly power of Thunder Storms!  This white pine was shattered by a bolt of lightning on the 27th of June while many players remained on the course  Some where easily within 200 yards of the strike.  Thank God this wasn't a tragedy! Trees can be replaced, lives cannot.