Friday, June 21, 2013

My Blog is Ranked in the "Top Ten!" Is there a future?

My Bull's Eye Greens Blog is ranked in the top ten ten million blogs based on statistics I stumbled across and has a value just over $1,200!  Wow.  Do you want to buy it? 

With that said you may have noticed fewer posts on course conditions or projects.  Since the green section was acquired by Oliphant Golf, I'm no longer the immediate spokes person for the golf course and its condition.  While there has been no "gag order" placed on me, I no longer feel comfortable commenting on your course as I have enjoyed doing since the birth of my blog.  I've always thought long and hard about club "politics"  before posting but now I fear I could anger one or both parties through a simple post.  As you know, "words are written in stone" once you press the publish button.  We'll see.  _Mk