Friday, June 28, 2013

Darwins Law?

On Wednesday the 26th of June, the Wisconsin DNR and the City of Wisconsin Rapids ventured on the golf course to "trap" local resident geese and relocate them to another area.  It was interesting to watch 8 - 10 men circle the geese and slowly close the circle to herd them into a tight pack.  The geese were then "waddled" to trucks and trailers where they were caged and carted off property.  In total 15 of twenty geese were removed from the areas along the Wisconsin River.  In my mind they are welcome back anytime as the geese population has soared in the past decade.  And I have one my story for you and it goes like this.

Darwin's law and the natural order of selectivity tells us the weakest of the species die first.  With that said, I have a nominee:

Look closely and you will see the head and eyes of a goose nesting.  And here is were she decided to nest.

That's right, on the roof of the pump house.  The last I knew, baby geese can't fly!  Their first steps are going to be big one's! The goose abandoned her nest about a week after I took this photo.  _Mk