Thursday, May 30, 2013

Minor Details

Busy short week.
All Bull's Eye bunkers have been edged.  Now on to Tri City.  Not bad for a week with rain outs and a day lost to a Holiday.

All greens were spiked or double spiked so that we could inter seed weak areas before the heat of summer prevents this work.  The window of opportunity is closing.

Greens were top dressed and because of a heavy rain that moved the sand nicely into the canopy, they were top dressed for a second time as another round of rain is in the forecast.

You will notice we reinstated the Fairway/Rough collar.  This intermediate cut was eliminated when the mower dedicated to this job broke and the repair costs were twice what we paid for the mower.  Currently we are using our bank mowing equipment to complete the task.  As a result you will not see the second collar cut around the green collar as was in place previously.  _Mk