Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ready or not?

Almost ten weeks to the day #14 green was closed for renovation I've reopened her for play. It's amazing what six years worth of "normal" fertility can do to push a grow-in.  Please be advised that this green will look and putt differently for the remainder of this golfing season when compared to the others.  First the leaf texture will be coarse. This is due to all the extra fertility. The plants are "juiced-up" all fat and sassy!  Secondly, this green will putt a little slower as we will be taking it into winter at Tri-City greens height of cut to promote deeper rooting of the new turf.  Enjoy.  _Mk

Here's a reminder of what she looked like after a weeks worth of pounding from tournament golf, outings, excessive heat and drought.  Not much grass but did stimp 25 feet.