Friday, October 12, 2012

Garbage time

Heading out onto the course after a night filled with cold Northwest winds, it always amazes me how we go from this;

to this in 5 to 6 hours!  A course playable and free of debris.  No more "Leaf Rule!"

And a woods that looks like this;

to this!  It all happens because we have good equipment and operators!

There will be little trouble locating your ball and playing a shot from there.  It wasn't that long ago that the leaves were "swept" up and hauled to a burn pile that grew to the size of a fairly large house for disposal. Today we blow leaves into the woods and mulch in place.  This practice saves both time (labor) and fuel.  The recycled leaves are good for the trees and the environment.  Pure pine needle straw is used to mulch the many pine stands we have.  If you have played recently you may have noticed the piles.
But when the ill Northwest winds blow, your course can go from clean to this in 10 minutes!
When it raining leaves (if you listen carefully, it does sound like rain,) it does not pay to keep chasing the same leaf across the course, we cut our loses and focus on something else.  Enjoy your course.  _Mk