Friday, September 7, 2012

Waste not, Want not, but....

Your green section staff spent many hours over the past two weeks meticulously sodding sections of putting green and collars in an effort to "use up" the remaining sod on our nursery green as we need to rebuild it.

This job has to be completed now as the window of opportunity needed to regrass will be lost after the first few frosty nights.  Textbook recommendations usually peg the best dates for cool season grass establishment between August 15 and September 15.  Sodding was done with some worry as I never care to lay sod when temperatures were hoovering near 90 as they were several days earlier this week.

Use it or loose it was our mantra as our goal to have this green striped and seeded by the Seventh of September was not meet as an all day soaking rain prevented this.  I'll take the rain as it has been a couple of weeks since we last saw any beneficial moisture.  As a foot note, we have expanded our nursery green by an additional 800 square feet plus or minus.  We may have to purchase additional sod as the new turf will not be ready for harvesting early next spring.

On the 30th of August when the weatherman predicted near 100 degree day the guys spent the morning on their hands and knees hand picking weeds on several tees.  Easy work when temperatures are that extreme.  Here's a look at just a portion of their productivity.  More next week. _Mk