Friday, September 14, 2012

"I'm Back!"

Just in time for a beautiful weekend weather wise, your #16th green has been reopened for play approximately six weeks to the day it was shutdown for renovation.  While some of the scars are obvious, it is still healthier than say for example your #12 green.  We will continue to maintain the temporary green in the fairway for the next two weeks as we evaluate the putting turfs ability to hold up to traffic.  Anticipate closures from time to time as we give this green time to rest.  Pin placements will be kept mostly in the center of the green where the turf is the healthiest.  Red/Blue pin depths should be calculated as a white pin for distance.

The green will be misshaped for a while as we try to manufacture a way to drain the spots sodded last spring.  Sod was laid to grade as best we could but we soon discovered that it lays in a trough that collects water.  The surface drainage of the original turf was lost.  This was observed soon after a heavy rainfall event of late that the water ponded where the sod was placed. Compounding the problem is the fact the water now sits perched above a muck subsoil where it is very slow to drain away. 

Roots fail to penetrate the heavy Muck subsoil.
This better explains to me why the sod died this summer.  Roots need oxygen and excess moisture be it from hand watering or overhead sprinklers just poached the roots.  This is yet another example why I prefer seeding over sodding.  Don't get me wrong, sodding is great for new construction where you can easily see and correct drainage flaws before hand.

This is how I looked this spring coming out of winter.  Now look at the first photo again.  I've come a long way baby!