Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tournament Golf; Puzzling observation.

Companies coming!  I remember those words well when spoken by my mother.  Translation; we had chores to complete with a hard and fast deadline.  No excuses with no leaf left unturned and the extra mile traveled in making sure every thing that could be seen was in perfect fashion.

When it comes to course preparation, I've known for years how tournaments (The Lombardi Golf Classic) could galvanize the crew and foster an attention to detail in excess of my expectations without my having to standing there with a whip and a chair.

But I made an observation that somewhat surprised me and has left me shaking my head as I can not explain this phenomenon and I was hoping maybe you could.

Five straight days of tournament play and I could find only one ball mark requiring repair!  (And that one was off in a corner inches from the collar.)  That's counting 100 players a day over 18 putting surfaces for five straight days!

What does this suggest?  The better players take greater care of the course? Or knows how to properly fix a ball mark? Hummmmmm.  Maybe the better player never hits the green in regulation thus his ball never leaves a mark on the green?  What do you think?

I'm hoping maybe you could tell me.  _Mk