Monday, July 23, 2012

1988 vs. 2012; A Guest Superintendent Post.

On 7/12/2012 Dustin Riley wrote the following message I thought I would share with you, especially those that were members here in 1988!  Mk

Good afternoon Noernetters:

 Just a little light reading to jog your memories or to use to inform others .

 As we continue through the high heat and droughty conditions, most of the Southern half of WI has been questioning whether this year is worse than 1988, which is widely considered the worst droughty summer (excluding the Dust Bowl years).  Southern WI is officially categorized as in a Severe Drought according to the US Drought Monitor.

Unfortunately, Milwaukee is the closest official weather station to me with detailed records dating back to ’88.  So your location may have different numbers.  But here’s what I’ve found comparing the periods of June 1-July 12 for both year.

1988                                       2012

Max Temperature                           100                                         103

Average Daily Temp                        72                                           74

Average Dew Point                         52                                           57

Total Rain                                            0.4                                          0.84

Total Days 90+ degrees                 13                                           11

Total Days 100+ degrees               2                                              2

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I dropped out of statistics in college, so I can’t confirm my analysis.  But, it appears that both years are pretty damn close.  1988 is winning with less rain.  However, 2012 has been warmer.   However, for us to exceed 1988 we’ll need to accumulate 24 additional days of 90+ degrees.  36 days in 1988 exceeded 90-degrees.  Milwaukee’s at 12 for the season so far.

So what’s your feeling per your location or experience?

Dustin Riley, CGCS

Oconomowoc Golf Club