Friday, April 16, 2010

A Bonus for your Chemical Dollars

Four representatives from the Syngenta Chemical Corporation paid us a visit on Thursday April 15th to demonstrate new nozzle technologies. The various representatives were in town to view the snow mold fungus field trials held at Sentryworld later that morning.  As they had time on their hands they wanted to visit another golf course operations in the area.  I was honored to have been asked and quickly accepted the offer.

Before demonstrating newer sprayer tip technologies a quick sprayer calibration was in order. Our sprayers are calibrated frequently in season to prevent costly chemical misapplications that could cost us hundreds of dollars per year through product waste.

Boom pressure was checked along with sprayer speed.

Compare the “drift” of the boom closest to you with that on the other side of the sprayer. The new air induction nozzles greatly reduced pesticide drift that can be seen in this photo.

I’m always amazed at the spray pattern of nozzle performance when using the wet paper test.  Which nozzle would you want on my sprayer?