Thursday, August 15, 2013

Too Wet, Too Dry

The recent below normal weather pattern we've been experiencing had me thinking.  When was the last time I turned off the irrigation system?  It's been awhile. 

With the cool weather the course has been holding together nicely. We've taken advantage of the weather to complete some badly needed aerification and inter-seeding projects, something you typically would not dare to do in early August.  Our cool season grasses are enjoying it and so am I.  This is something we couldn't say last year. 

Back in June the farmers were concerned about getting their crops in the field yet today my home lawn is getting a little bit crispy and even with watering only needs to be cut every other week.  On the course I could see that the pond is a full six inches lower than full.  Rocks normally in the water are now standing on a dry shoreline.

My irrigation records told the story.  July 9th was the last time we've received rainfall greater than a quarter of an inch.  Any rains we've seen since then that approach a quarter of an inch came in short 5 minute bursts that runoff the property before benefiting us or come at us sideways as they did the night of the wind that felled the oak tree on 16 green.  I'm not complaining but we could use a good soaker.

Speaking of #8 pond.  The fountain is broken and in the shop for repairs.  I'm hoping it is returned to us shortly as the weeds continue to bloom in the stagnant water.