Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tidbits Part Two....

The grounds crew has been busy this week inter-seeding weakened areas on several greens for the second time this fall.

Slowly over the next two weeks greens height of cut will be slowly lowered to our Fall/Winter maintenance height of cut for the purpose of plant health.   It has been frustrating to maintain three separate heights of green cut but it is necessary to give seedlings a chance at survival on those greens we chose to renovate and still keep in play.  Speaking of greens, we are going to evaluate #16 in three weeks time to see if there is enough "knitting" of the turf to reopen it once again this season.  Today that green is being cut at .25" and once we take it down to "Tri City height" we will have a better handle on how thin the putting surface is and whether or not to keep it closed.  Your patience will be rewarded.  #14 continues to balk at our regrassing efforts and doesn't like being topdressed, sprayed, fertilized or inter-seeded.  You look at it "cross-eyed" and I swear it turns yellow but I do see progress down there.

Speaking of greens they have been fertilized to promote seedling growth and filling.  Greens are no longer under any form of growth regulation and it shows.  While the picture above shows "full buckets" and this I might add was the material I picked up after cutting just one green clearly demonstrates how warm weather and moisture equals grass growth.  For the record when the plant growth is held in check we can mow all eighteen greens dumping our baskets once each nine greens.  Greens mower operators know instantly if they "skipped" an area as they could literally trip over the hedge row of uncut turf.

Some sections were sodded in an effort to "use up" all available sod from our nursery green.  Time is running out and we need to rebuild this green in the next week or so to make sure we have mature enough turf in place to survive the winter months ahead.  This is the most sod I've harvested for repairs to putting greens that I've had to do in the combined tenure of my career here.