Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Work: Week of May 21, 2012

Your green section staff is now focusing attention on putting surfaces (Round Two with May 1st being the first.) now that fairway aerification is complete.

Greens will be fertilized in the up-coming days, inter-seeded where needed and topdressed to smooth out the "pock marks."  This will aid healing now that the grass has finally started growing after a series of frost events.  Several greens that saw winter kill in low pockets stemming from last January's melt (water) will be plugged out using sod from our nursery green.  We will be using sod to repair the upper left hand side of sixteen green.  Most of the winter injury you see this spring is carry over from the previous year.  The annual variety of Poa lived it's short life cycle of one year and now shows as ugly pock marks on greens.  This was to be expected and not out of the ordinary.  Once the perennials varieties fill in covering the scars they will be less visible over time.

Be advised that we will be switching the golf course to a one color flag system to allow our course set-up personnel to stay away from areas that we are trying to regrass.

Some college students have returned for seasonal employment so it will be nice to get caught up on some detail work that has gone neglected.  We have replaced 80% of our summer staff this year so there bound to be some growing pains so please bear with us.  With the additional summer help we may attempt some tee aerification taking advantage of the time the tractor aerifier is in our possession.  I know, greens first.  _