Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Tale of Two Greens.

  • Bull's Eye #16 green;  "I came out of winter looking like this."
#16 Green.

  • Tri City #3 green;  "I came out of winter looking like this."

Tri City #3 green.

  • I was cut seven days per week, rolled 3-4 times per week, topdressed regularly, sprayed biweekly on schedule, watered as needed.
#16 green.

  • I was treated the same as #16. The only difference in routine maintenance is my mowing height of cut is .045 of an inch higher.

  • When things got tough this summer, I was watered by hand and cut using a walking mower with a solid roller to reduce the stress on me.
#16 green.

  • I was cut with the same old tri plex and I don't even have a quick coupling valve needed for hand watering.

#3 green.

  • I was seeded no less than eight times. Live sod plugs or sprigs were used at one time to try to help me fill in and I was fertilized biweekly to help me grow strong.

#16 green.

  • I wasn't seeded at all and the only fertilizer I received came with the sprayer at around a tenth of a pound of Nitrogen.
#3 green.
 #3;  Today, I look like this!

TC #3 Green.

#16;  And today I look and feel much worse than this.  Turf blankets cover my sores.
BE #16 green.
  • The only difference in our management programs of note looking back in time was I was aerified in September 2010.
TC #3 green.

  • I wasn't aerified at all in 2010.

Some times you just scratch your head;  "Toss everything but the kitchen sink" at a problem OR is it "better to leave well enough alone?"  You decide.  _Mk