Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seeding vs. Sod

I've been asked why I don't resod the winter damaged sections on our sixteenth green (and others) using the sod that we are growing on our nursery green?  After all, it is a nursery green, right!

My quick and simple answer is this; the soil used to construct the top two inches of that putting green is to put it mildly, very poor.  So poor in fact that I don't care to move it to out onto the course creating a second more visible problem for myself.

Large area of hydrophobic soil.

This green would look this way after a weeks worth of steady day long rains as the soil rejects water.
Our nursery green was established to observe and evaluate two of the newer varieties of bentgrass T1 and Alpha (T2) circa 2004.  The old putting surface was removed and greens mix was purchased from a local supplier to fill the void left after sod removal.  This greens mix was also being evaluated for future construction needs.  As you can tell by the photo's the soil has very round properties (unstable) and did not hold moisture (hydrophobic) during periods of summer stress.  This green is managed exactly the same as her twenty sister greens on the course.
So naturally, I didn't want to give you a putting surfaces on the course with patches of hydrophobic mottled looking weakened turf.

It is our plan to rebuild this green once the club climbs out of this recession. _Mk