Thursday, July 7, 2011

Salt in the wound.

The weather man promised an eighty percent chance of "Strong Thunderstorms" early afternoon.  Predicted precipitation in La Crosse at 3.5 inches with our area in excess of an inch.  With approaching storm clouds to the west, thinking mother nature would be there to help wash nutrients into the soil, a half rate of "off brand" fertilizer was applied to the winter damaged areas of our putting greens.  Nutrients that would be used by the turf to promote faster recovery.  And having been "burned" by mother nature too many times in the past as storms have a nasty habit of splitting near Lake Pettenwell, a quick three minute irrigation syringe cycle was used to move the product off the leaf.  And what do we get?

Speckled Brown spots where fertilizer pellets burned the turf.
While it was "off brand" fertilizer that caused the injury see in the photo, to be fair, an application of "top shelf" name brand fertilizer caused burn to the same area two weeks later when a 60% chance of rain never materialized after a squall line of heavy rain on radar just thirty minutes two our west fizzled.

There are times I wonder why I have any hair left on my head!  Jeez. _Mk