Thursday, August 12, 2010

EBay Saves you money.

     Lost my camera out on the golf course somewhere and didn't find it until after the deluge early Wednesday morning. Digital camera and water = fried no longer working camera despite my efforts of disassembly and drying with compressed air. Oh well, I needed a newer model anyway Speaking of rain, since Sunday morning we’ve seen an additional 3.7 inches in the past four days. With all the heat and humidity (dew points in the 70’s) I wouldn’t bet against seeing Pythium raise its ugly head. I hope not, as we no longer apply a preventative chemical application to fairway turfs. With highs predicted in the low 90’s forecast for Thursday coupled with standing water present on several back nine fairways I have my doubts.

    Speaking of money, one of our Cushman Utility Vehicles governor self destructed internally. Just bits and pieces of metal inside. We called for availability and costs and were told there were no rebuild parts available and that a new one would cost over $1050! After calling a Dale Morrison CGS at Trappers Turn who rebuilds old Cushman’s as a hobby asked me if I tried to find the part on EBay. After a brief search, setting up both EBay and PayPal accounts we located and purchased a used part for $161.75 saving my maintenance budget almost $900! We got lucky this time, can not say the same about some repair costs encountered this summer as no fault of our own.