Friday, August 6, 2010

Boot Blight Bug Dope

With all the rain we’ve seen over the past couple of months has lead to an explosion of mosquitoes everywhere on the course. The photo is a reminder that the aerosol in the sprays is harmful to the turf. (Makes me wonder what this stuff does to the skin?) Please apply sprays to your person over asphalt or gravel cart paths.

I’m guessing a size eleven.

And as a bonus:  The old saying goes;  "The more rain you get, the more you need."  This is a photo of Hydrophobic areas on our third fairway.  It is not a disease but sure looks bad.  Hydrophobic soils are created by soil bacteria that deposit a "waxy coating" over the soil particals.  Water is unable to adhere and is basically shed.  This happened in spite of the fact we've seen 15" of rain since the first of June.  Preventitive treatments of wetting agents, even in wet years, help strip the wax coating from the soil allowing the plant available water to stick.