Thursday, February 25, 2010

Play a round for Research

The Wisconsin Golf Course Superintendents Association has created a new fundraising campaign called PAR 4 Research. (Play a round for Research.)  PAR 4 Research was created to assist the funding of research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to benefit sustainalble golf turf in Wisconsin.  All proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Wisconsin Turfgrass Association.  With deminished golf course budgets university research has never been more important for golfers.

On May 2, 2010 you will be given an opportunity to "bid" on rounds of golf or other donated items from golf courses from around the state.  Auction items can be found on the website .  You can follow this link to the website and auction site.  The auction will last one week.  You might be suprized at some of the opportunities you have before you.

(Editors note:  I was priviledged to have been invited to serve on the committee that set up the "Play a round for Research"  fundraising auction. This was clearly one of the best run committee meetings I've ever served on.  I'm also the Treasurer of the Wisconsin Turfgrass Association having served in that position since 2005.  I know first hand what your research dollars support.  You would be proud to know the reputation of the work done by the turfgrass professors at the O J Noer Research and Educational Center at the UW- Madison has made it one of the top facilities in the world.)