Thursday, May 14, 2015

Second Chance at Living

Not many here at the club probably new this, but my past Assistant Golf Course Superintendent, Brian Matthews underwent heart transplant surgery in February and is now home recuperating.  Brian checked himself into the Mayo Clinic sometime before Christmas with only two ways of coming home, with a new heart or the back of hearse.  There were several things I learned in the process, but the one thing I never thought of was that of a persons height.  Brian stands 6'7" tall.  His donor had to be a person taller than 6' in order to be strong enough to pump blood to that height.

The crew welcomed him back with small picnic lunch on May 6th.

Brian was presented generous check of $10,000, a gift from the Wee One Foundation to cover some of the unexpected expenses not covered by Medical Insurance.  Brian hopes to return mowing fairways in mid August.  _Mk