Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Pet named Peeves.

Call me a "grumpy old man," (I admit, I can be that from time to time,) but as this Blog is for entertainment I thought you might get a kick out of a few "Pet Peeves" of mine.  As golf is a game played by humans, it is humans that cause me the most angst.  This list is not all inclusive by any means, nor is it in any particular order.

When signs are posted that clearly ask that bug sprays be applied over hard surfaces and not the turf.

 When equipment operators have been told time and time again not to dump grass clippings in a pile in nature area's or in shaded places.

 Ball marks the size of the Planet Uranus.

"But we checked the air pressure in all the tires before sent them out." (Yup.)

 "But we know were to drive!"  Just wish I could find a photo of your wheel ruts to post."

What ever happened to keeping Carts 30' from the green?  My all time favorite is when someone pulls off the cart path onto the green bank to leave room for other carts to pass on the path. Makes me wonder why we spent so much money building them in the first place and baffling to me as to why I must always ask for moneys to build more.

And my #1 all time favorite is the Beverage cart!  (Not the girls.)  It amazes me how many times these noisy contraptions can circumnavigate the golf course in 30 minutes!  You can hear their approach three holes in the distance and it's a given just as you are about to make a swing they'll poke their obtrusive nose out from behind a tree or a  bunker bank right where you want your ball to land!  I get a kick when they're on an empty back nine when all the play is on the front.  It would be fun to place a GPS on one, the graph would look like like a spirograph I made as a kid.  (More to follow.....)  Mk