Friday, April 26, 2013

Bull's Eye is now open for play.

The Bull's Eye Country Club opened for play on Thursday April 25th.  Tri City opened for play on Wednesday the 24th.  This is the latest opening date for golf over my tenure here as your golf course manager.  The back nine was opened for play on Friday.  With the sunny skies and southerly winds drying things our nicely, carts will be available for use starting Saturday.  Just please stay out of the snow banks unlike these two fellows. 

Mr. Olson and Dr. Becker enjoying a rare day in the sun.
Our long winter did damage the Annual Bluegrass, but the bentgrass did survive.  There just isn't enough of it.  I will give you an update in a future post of our course of action.  Until then, enjoy the sunny and warm weather.  It is nice to see you out on the golf course again.  Mk