Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WE'RE Back!!!

Your greens and grounds crew returned to the old grind (Pun intended) on Monday January 17th after a six week furlough. During this time we’ve been busy servicing equipment, sharpening reels, rebuilding both greens roller. In the weeks ahead we’ll look at 100 pieces of equipment required in maintaining your golf course. The biggest rebuild we will undertake this winter is centered on replacing the suction fan in our Rake O Vac leaf sweeper. This became an absolute repair when we discovered stress fractures in two of the fan blades. Hey she’s only 25 years old! Doing this work “in house” is saving the club better than $1,000 in maintenance cost. See we can produce revenue’s too.! I’ve been in the office setting up the budget spreadsheets and cultural maintenance programs that I can only hope will carry our playing surfaces through another stressful summer.

Now where did I place the directions telling me how to change the message on the Service Centers phone answering machine?